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Oh Japanese snack food... wtf...

So I got a dessert "for my healthy life!" from mitsuwa's and I finally opened it today...
It appears to be unflavored agar agar cubes suspended in an unflavored Jelly type substance.
yum. ¬¬

I thought it was in some type of juice or syrup XD I really need to learn how to read Japanese so I stop buying foods I don't fully understand XD

I'm not even sure I could tell you what it tastes like, it's almost like that o-zone type smell you smell right before a thunderstorm... but really faint, and in a jello form.

Basically it's strange. ^^;

I bet it would taste really good with fruit tho... Mmmm like a Mandarin Orange or Pinapple ::drool::

I don't know why I continue to eat it... perhaps because it's so fun to dig out the Agar Agar cubes from the jelly... I kind of feel like I'm eating one of those slimes from an old style RPG like Dragon Warrior. XD

Played Spore a bit last night, then Cleaned a little. Abby came over and we watched Pushing Daisy's (Mmmm I love that show...) and Penelope. ^__^
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