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...I just want to tell you so you know~~

I've been listening to a lot of Hoobastank and yellow card lately.
Dunno Why.

Dexter continues to make me love it unconditionally XD There is nothing about that show that I don't like (with the possible exception of LaGuerta... they should just kill her off like she should have been at the end of the first season if they had followed the books)I'm really liking the new character being played by the NYPD Blue guy that got killed off right before I stopped watching that show. It is making me giggle a little to see Julie Benz now that I bought the big Brick-O-Angel and have been watching that. I keep going ::snort:: Darla... hee hee hee...

Speaking of Vampires... Trueblood has also been awesome. I'm getting a little sick of Jason Stackhouse and rather hope something very bad happens to him... like he OD's on V again and loses his wang. My love of Bill Compton grows with his totally tragic past, it makes me kind of want to hug him X3... by the way... WTF ending???? I need those mother loving books NAO D:<

Heroes was... interesting. I didn't thnk they would ever take me into a place where I liked Sylar more than Peter. It's kind of funny because this season is pretty much making me like all the characters I was indifferent to (Parkman) or that I disliked (Sylar) and flpping it all around and making me now dislike people I previouly adored (Mohinder, Peter, Claire, Hiro...)
Which I guess is the point, well done Heroes... well done...
Some of my feelings stayed the same, I still love Noah (HRG), and Nathan despide the fact that he seems to have a nasty case of the Galloping Crazies. I'm intensely intriuged to find out what Noah did for Sylar that would cause him to name his son after HRG. I'd also rather like to know who the mother of Sylars kid is, although I rather suspect Elle.

Prisonbreak continues to make me sad with the terrible little hokey things they're slipping into the dialouge, I forget it at the moment but it was something that T-bag said. Gretchen could fall of the side of thr world for all I care. I still love Burro-field and their new third brother Alex XD.

Chuck continues to make me happy. I love Zachary Levi, he's such a good comedian (and he's kind of adoreable X3) I have to say tho, I did not see Bryce coming back into the picture.

Someone reccomend a Matrial Art to me, I'm seriously considering taking one up. It costs just as much to have a gym membership and I hate work out machines anyway.
Q Reccomended Tae Kwon Do, but I want to see the general consensus (also... anyone want to join me? :D)
Tags: chuck, dexter, heroes, kung-fu, prison break, trueblood

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