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Just call me over prepared ^__^

I reserved my room at the Bryn Mawr Hyatt Regency this morning for May 7-10 2009
X3 Thaaaats right ACen, you'll not be fucking me over in the hotel department this time. I can has a confirmation that says "2 DOUBLE BEDS" not "One King Size bed, hope you like cuddling, sucker". I will literally cut a bitch if they screw up my reservation again... not even a joke.
::cough:: anyway, since Mr quazo. wants to go with the cheaper hotel across the street and I don't wish to be mauled by scary Otaku while walking the streets of Rosemont at night because I'm a resonably pretty girl who will most likely be dressed as an anime character, THEREFORE tenative ACen roommate plans are rayneofdarkness, heroically and disorderly.
I still don't know if I 100% want to be in artist alley this year depite my massive amounts of cellphone charms and earings I have made. Mainly because I would actually like to, you know... go to the con this year.
Maybe if I only have to be at the table for short amounts of time... or one day or something.
I don't know...

ALSO I need to get into a class for the kung-fu betterment of my physique so come May I can be a giant anime cosplay slut ::cough:: I mean ¬¬ nooo I don't want to go as scantilly clad as my better judgement will allow... not me... ::coughcough::

Who should I go as? O_o
Tags: acen, cosplay

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