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...and now for another riviting episode of KHS Theatre.

T: "What is that... coffee? Man, I never drink that stuff... It's Bad for you."
Me: "::laughs:: well, unfortunately I need it or I'll be in a coma in under 5 minutes."
T: ::Looking legitimately concerned:: "Oh my god, really?"
Me: ::tries to decide if T is being serious, and discoveres he is:: "Um, no. No, not really. I'm just tired and could use the caffine."
T: "...caffine? There's caffine in that stuff?"
Me: o_o; "...oh yeah, loads of it."
T: "Huh. Didn't know that." ::walks away::

omg, seriously.
This is a college educated man, I'm not joking.

::cough:: Anyway... ¬¬
So, I'm bringing Supernatural Season 1 to my Parents house tonight to see if I can't get them horribly hooked on the show too 8D
Mmmm Supernatural... my current obsession with the show is made even more evident by the fact that I sculpted Dean's Protective Amulet on a whim last night while I was watching the show.

Oh, Papa Winchester... you will be missed.
Tags: supernatural, work, wtf

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