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AHRG WTF it's like every customer on earth was taking their bitchey pills today D8<
::deep breath:: ahem... sorry... ;¬¬

I actually had a relatively busy weekend O.o

Friday was more Supernatural watching before I konked out because last week sucked so hard, Saturday I cleaned the everliving out of my apartment then Abby, Kristy, and David came over and we had Enchilada's (that Abby cooked, and consiquently that I am eating for lunch today. Omnom.) and watched most of Supernatural s.3, they left at 1am or so... but I continued well into the morning watching it XD (think like 5 AM) and didn't stop until s.4 e.1 XD

Sunday I went down to Chicago for Evan's birthday and hung out with all my Cousins and my aunt and Uncle. It was really fun, I don't usually get to have lenghty conversations with any of them. ^^; I made Adam laugh when I called myself a "jaded friendless misanthrope" after Ron was shocked that I didn't like Sarah Silverman (who I don't just not like... I hate v_v)
It was all in all a really good time even tho I think Sophie broke my toe XD (thaaat's right, Megan got beat up by a 2 year old. j/k she dropped a book on my foot accidently)
Then back to my parents house to watch more of Supernatural s.1 because I'm totally getting them hooked on it :D

Trueblood was good, I'm really interested in the strange turn things have taken away from the book tho. It's funny because in the book I actually kind of liked Jason Stackhouse, in the series I kind of wish he would fall down a hole. ::nods::

Anywho, my parents are going to come over to my house for dinner tonight :D I'm excited! I just need to do the enchalada dishes that are still sitting in the sink (boo...)
Tags: family, supernatural, weekend

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