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::is an Obama-Llama::

Shocking I know, Who ever would have thought! XD

Yeah yeah I know it's pretty damn obvious I was going to vote for him. Or should I say am going to vote for him seeing as I had to be at work before the polls opened today. I do not envy the amount of time I am going to be spending in line re-registering because I've moved since the last time I voted. Boo...

I finished Supernatural last night and now I'm all caught up... I have to say tho "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester!" didn't thrill me, I was unhappy with the depiction of both Samhain (the holiday) and Uriel (the Angel).
Yellow Fever made me cry I was laughing so hard... especially at "Supernatural presents: Jensen Ackles" part. If anyone knows where I can download just that clip so I can have it on my I-pod I will love you forever XD.
I'm looking forward to the next couple of episodes especially after reading the Wiki-synopsis of them.

Q and I are going to go with Nick to Laser Tag this friday so that ought to be interesting and fun. although if I'm still a gimp I may be easy prey XD.
Tags: election, supernatural, weekend

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