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::snorts derisively::

Really? really prisonbreak? a Memorial episode for Brad Bellick?
I mean sure, he grew as a character and I was a little sad to see him go, but why... oh why would you make all of the other Prisoners all torn to pices over his death. Oh yeah, ::sniffle:: remember what a great guy Brad was? remember all those good old times? Like Michael, remember when Brad lured you into a tool shed where you got the little piggy that had none and his little brother clipped off with lawn shears? Yeah... thems were good times. What an upstanding gentleman Brad Bellick was.
You know, maybe they should hold a memorial for Michael's toes, I'm sure he misses them a lot more than he misses Bellick.
Oh also, speaking of Michael... way to stay at the hospital and get your brain tumor thing taken care of. You know maybe he'll stroke out at the end of this season and Season 5 can be about him trying to "break" out of the "prison" of his comatose mind! :D

Sorry... I don't mean to nitpick but come on really... T-bag making an impassioned speech about his good friend Brad Bellick? That's stretching it a bit.

::cough:: sorry... story line angst.
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