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Hey man, She's a total blam blam...

My poor boozed up heartbroken Sammy.
::hugs Sam Winchester:: I loves yew..

I had a terrible half thought last night when Ruby was coming on to Sam hardcore.
What if Ruby is a demonic reincarnation of Jess?
It would explain why she's so fixated on Sam, and remember time passes more slowly in the "down under" somewhat to the tune of 10 years per month so if Azazel sent Jess down there when he killed her...
Yeah I don't know why I'm trying to rationalize this, maybe because I'm kind of with Dean in the whole respect of "Why is she helping them?"
Nick was laughing because when we were watching all of the sudden I went O_O ::GASP hand over mouth:: "OMG!! I wonder if she's Jess!" when Nick asked if Ruby was in love with Sam.

You know who I don't think we have been seeing enough of lately? Bobby. I miss Bobby ;__;
Although I know it just feels like forever since I have seen his character , it's only been like 3 episodes, because now I'm all caught up and I have to wait like everyone else. ::pout::
Reguardless... I miss serrogate Papa Winchester.

I may make Musubi with Pinapple tonight...
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