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::punches work computer::

I can't read my friends page at work because someone on my f-list posted a video clip and my work computer is claiming that it is an unrecognizable Flash program and kills the internet.

wtf computer... wtf.


Dexter was fantastic, I couldn't get over the little astounded child pose Dex took when Miguel stabbed the gambler guy, it reminded me very much of how he was conflicted with Rudy/Brian but instead of a mixture of sorrow it was kind of a conflicted fear and excitement. It made me wonder because whenever he takes that pose it makes me think of him as vunerable like he was way back when with his Mom. Like he's going into a safe place because something outside of his comfort zone is happening.
Dunno... it just... Intruigues me XD

Next weeks episode looks fantastic, I know something was a litte more wrong with Miguel although it looks like he's not going to betray Dexter in quite the way I thought. It's almost like Dexter is House... he's an addict but a high functioning semi controlled addict... where as Miguel Prado seems to just be a dangerous junkie.
(well that's how the preview made it look andway... like he was going to go after the Defense Attourney Chick who was kind of having a little lesbian date with LaGuerta this last episode XD)

I really want to learn Korean, I think it would be cool to be able to haltingly and terribly attempt to talk to Jae and Su in their native language XD

I can't wait for heroes tonight, My mom says they fired the old writing team and that either this week or next week the new writer episodes start so hopefully we'll get a little bit back on track however I hope they keep Sylar on the good path, I'm really liking him as the conflicted bad guy turned good guy...
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