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I built this ballistrade to keep you home, to keep you safe, from the outside world...

I meant to post this Monday XD

Chuck was good, like really good... aside from Chucks odd helmet hair
throughout most of the episode that is. The episode actually made us yell at
the TV in a good way XD. Right around the time that Jill was all "Sure!
Let's go to your secret base and get me involved with dangerous espionage
that I am, strangely, totally okay with! :D" Me and my mom started going
"...ein minute bitte... Is she a bad guy?" and when she got taken hostage we
were both "...Aww crap! She is Fulcrum isn't she!?" and when Sarah and Casey
realized and started running to Chuck room my dad was going "Too late!
You're too late!"
Yeah... Chuck got a bad case of the Mohinder Suresh's i.e. "What? you seem
shifty... Of course I trust you! :D"
Also... Choir Boy Casey? Awesome.

Heroes was substantially better this week than it has been all season, I
still love 80% of the Petrelli's the most, but I'm not so apathetic about
the rest of the cast anymore XD although I am a little sad to see that Traci
Strauss is a total ho. I'm rather hoping that Hiro's little fit of reverting
to 10 year old status ends soon. I love Sylar more and more with every
episode... which is funny given that I was screaming for his death last
season. I'm so happy too that I think I was right in saying earlier that I
thought Elle must be Noah Jr.'s mom, although in all honesty I only said
that at the time because she was the only blonde character I could think of
that wasn't Claire or dead, lol. My angst for Mohinder was relieved a
little with the return of a glimmer of his former humanity but he really
needs to go back to Primetech. I don't know why Mr. Petrelli let Mrs.
Petrelli go... I don't think it was out of the kindness of his heart. The
whole thing seems a little dodgy to me...

True Blood was awesome, as per usual. I am soooooo glad they killed of
Jason's little V obsessed girlfriend, she was totally getting on my nerves.
I don't know where they're going with the Maenad and Tara tho. That confuses
me a bit. Jessica vampire is funny X3 But as always I <3 Eric, he was
cracking me up when he told Bill to "Man up".

Prisonbreak on the other hand... just keeps on digging its own grave. It's
almost as if they're not trying anymore. It used to be "Behold in shock and awe the genius that is adoreable sad puppy Michael Scofield!" and now it's more like "Behold in shock and awe how so many smart people can do so many STUPID things!" Here, in a nutshell, is the current plot of Prison Break.
"Michael, you have a brain tumor. If you don't get an operation you will die."
"...But... well... can we put it off? I have to help my rag tag band of criminals and ex-junkies break into a highly reinforced secret governemt lair right now."
"well, alright I guess. Here's a shot that will supress the chance of you having another seizure just as long as you do as little mentally and physically straining activities as possible."
"Okay I promise."
::5 minutes later::
"Oh noes, SUcre almost fell off the shoddilly constructed suspension bridge, luckilly Link was there to save him. But... well... who should we send across now? I mean obviously we can't send Sucre again... he might slip. Links busy filling the 'conserned bulldog expression' roll and Alex cant use a simple glass cutter despite being an ex FBI agent... Hey Michael?"
"Care to do some mentally and physically straining activities?"
"Eh, sure! why not. :D"

and then... as you may guess... he totally had a little stroke out half way across the bridge, but despite the sound sensitive nature of the room that causes them to be unable to talk to each other Michaels yells and grunts of pain set off not sensors... Curious.
XD only my loyalty keeps me watching this show... it's gone bad. Like way bad.

::shakes fist at Wisconsin:: You'll not best me with your crappy weather today! I have 5 layers, fingerless gloves and slipper socks... Muah ha ha ha...
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