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Oh my goodness that was a good episode. I ended up catching it on youTube this morning before work (consequently making me 5 minutes late this morning, because I wanted to watch it god damn it) I'm glad that Anna didn't seem so very touched by the time she and Dean made with the lovin' because It was kind of wierding me out when I thought Dean was going to fall for completely Mental Anna from S04E09.
Have I mentioned that I love Castiel? Because I do. He has a total bromance for the brothers Winchester and it's cute. I liked how he non-violently incapacitated Sam by poking his conciousness away so he wouldn't hurt him. He also looked so sad that he had to do something that Dean was against.
Speaking of Dean, that ending almost made me cry ;__; proving once again that anything that's sad enough to make Dean cry in the series can totally make me cry XD
I'm also strangely okay with Ruby now that Dean has accepted her into the posse... it's funny. I kind of like Ruby 3.0 after this episode, not as much as Ruby beta version... but still.
I also enjoy that Demon boy has a Demon Girlfriend, and Touched by an angel boy had a "touched" angel GF for an episode there X3
Dean's inability to be able to tell porn from reality I also found amusing.

Oh yeah, reguarding my Ruby/Jess theory Kristy reminded me that Ruby was a witch, which I had forgotten, so there goes that Idea.

I watched S01 bloopers with Thomas last night... Oh Papa Winchester... how I miss you XD

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