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Sitting on a park bench!?

Damn you Jethro Tull... get out of my head.

I just realized I havent updated in... nearly forever XD
My face is mostly healed from cat attack, I have a tiny scar that occasionally looks like one of those creases you get on your face if your pillow had a fold in it that you slept on all night. However it's easilly covered with the cunning use of make up.

Evanrude is freaking adorable, the other day I filled the tub up part of the way because he's so interested in it and he just kept streching as far as his little kitten body could to see if he could touch the water without actually falling in.
Also that same day I learned that I may need to child-proof the lower cabinates or not store anything in them that could be hazerdous to cats because he has discovered how to open cabinates, much to my dismay. He's just the right size that if he stretches all the way up and hooks his paws on the top of the door he can back away on his hind legs and open it. We discovered this when he was trying to get my attention while I was brushing my teeth by getting in between me and the Vanity and meowing.
I think it's almost retarded how much I love this cat XD.
He has also started playing "Lets see how many times I can Tag Mom before she leaves for work in the morning" Amusingly enough when he jumps up and slaps my face he keeps the claws retracted but any other place is fair game it would seem as he totally shiv'd me in the kidney the other morning as I was walking by the computer chair. I was like "D8< !!!"
Also in a bout of strange but adorable, he is evidently in love with the red micro-fleece blanket I got for Christmas this year. If it is out, he is not only laying on it, he starts trying to suck on it. He kneads his paws in the blanket and sucks on it. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen.

::Cough:: anyway... in NON cat related news, Kyle XY started up again yesterday and was awesome as usual, I missed that show... Im glad it's back :D
Supernatural comes back Thursday... I think Burn Notice might come back today or Thursday...

I went to CD Max the other day and found the first Half Life game for PS2 for like... 10 bucks. Mmm Dr. Freeman...
At the check out tho the cashier dud was all "Oh buying this for your Boyfriend?"
Me: "Hell no, buying it for me! I love Half Life."
Him: "Really?" ::skeptical look::
Me: "Trust me, it's just me, the video games, and the cat. That's all I got right now."
Him: "Yo really play video games? O_o"
Me: "...yes."
Him: "Thats... really? Wow, I mean you're like a gamer dudes dream. Most Girls don't like playing video games, especially not pretty ones. I bet all the boys fall in love with you."
Me: O_o "...Oh, uh... thank you." ::awkward laughter::

And this dude was like... totally my age too, it's not like he was some 70 yr old man patronizing me...
Kind of an ego boost but at the same time... wtf XD

Also, Fallout 3 is totally the Shizz. For real. Go play it O.O.

T_T Someone help me wiyh Cosplay Ideas...
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