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Oh, Wisconsin winters... I hate you so much...

So, the drive in the morning was delightful. And I mean that in a totally non-sarcastic kind of way :D Apperently I was one of only a few people who actually decided to brave the -11 degree weather (-30 windchill 8D)this morning so the roads were deserted, the lights were on my side, and I got in this morning 5 minutes early.
Go me!
On the other hand however I may have lost all of my extremities to frostbite so you'll just have to call me "Stubbs" from now on.

I'm not even kidding when I say I was wearing a LOT of layers. First of all, I'm wearing jeans instead of dress pants and it's not casual day but you know? fuck you dress code, as Quazo put it, it's freaking NORTHREND out there. I had my shirt, my sweater, a sweater over that sweater, a sweatshirt over both of those, two scarves, my coat and gloves.
And on my way in one of my scarves actually froze to my lips.

No joke.

::shakes fist at Katie:: damn you and your presumably awesome Jamaican Weather! D:
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