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AHHHRRRGGG! Who keeps eating my fucking lunch?!?!?

For real! This is the second frickin time!
I go out to get my chicken nuggets for lunch only to find that some sick social deviant has opened the package and eaten all but 3 of them.
Seriously?!? Who the fuck DOES that? Who goes into someone elses shrink wrap sealed lunch and eats all but 3 nuggets!?! Are they socially retarded? Have some manner of wasting Illness? Who goes in the freezer in the lunch room and goes "Oh! How nice! Communal Chicken Nuggets... I think I'll have some! 8D "
I mean for real, I know I'm on a diet but I need more than 3 lousy chicken nuggets in my 8 hr work day, especially since I stopped bringing snacks. D8<

::cough:: ANYWAY...
Last Weeks Supernatural was fantastic... it was season 1 kind of good. I hope they keep up the trend :D
Heroes is winning back my love, or more specifically Mohinder is winning back my love. I actually kind of want to root for Sylar and I don't know why, that scene with the D.H.S was AWESOME.
I still love Chuck, always and forever. XD

I picked up "John Winchester's Journal" by Alex Irvine yesterday and I, of course, love it.
How could I not? It's Supernatural!
Tonight I may start making my version of it :3
Tags: chuck, heroes, papa winchester, supernatural, wtf

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