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AHHAHA Oh John Winchester... I love you...

I Lul'd

April 19th, 1991:
The hunting trip was nearly a disaster. Dean missed his shot. I sent him after the buck, a beautiful twelve-pointer, and he dropped the gun when he tripped on the trail. Then out of nowhere comes Sammy, who pickes up the gun and lays that big boy out.
A seven year old... well, almost eight.
Then he tells me that he thought the deer had taken Dean's gun, and that Sammy had to protect him.
It's the moments like those that kill me. I taught him that, Dean too. I taught them that everything should be seen as a threat. And now Sammy sees a deer and thinks it's trying to hurt his brother.

I totally love this book...
...Just an FYI...

The best part of that journal entry was that in the previous entry John had left Sammy with Bobby so he could have some male bonding time with 13 year old Dean... So Sam got out of the house when Bobby's back was turned and hitchhiked/tracked them down because he wanted to come too, hence the "out of nowhere came Sammy" XD
At Seven XD

<3 Supernatural
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