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Ah hahaha... ::fails at project management::

SO ask me how far I have gotten into my J.W.J redux?
... 5 Pages XD

Oh I am so made of fail... I keep meaning to work on it but then I get distracted and do things like have a Superhero Movie Marathon (Damn you FX for showing Daredevil, Spiderman 2, and Superman Returns all in a row!) or draw strange rainbow pictures of myself ::points at Icon and below::

In other "things that distract me from succumbing to intense Supernatural fandom" news...
Faelar hit LVL 40, he now is the proud owner of a black STV Gorilla named Kubrick. Kubrick is a sweet Gorilla... he likes to hand out lollipops to all the little alliance out there... unfortunately he's run fresh out of lolli's so he's been handing out severe beatdowns instead 8D.
Mmmm... Doling out the harshness.
He also is the proud owner of a blue drop pole-arm that does the same amount of damage as his Axe did... only faster! He can wear Mail, has aspect of the pack, and is generally draped in badassery. I was solidly pwning STV last night :D
Tags: art, supernatural, warcraft

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