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LOLrus... for reals fake company... fo` reals...

So I keep getting e-mails from this really shady sounding company out of Sweden or Switzerland or something... I think I've gotten 7 so far... for "Great Job Oppertunity in America!! 8D 8D 8D".
They have supposedly gotten my resume from, which is news to me because I don't think I have ever actually been to but you know... whatever.

They're like, practically begging me to respond... initially I dismissed this as spam right off the bat because I don't especially trust any company that dosen't have their own "@" email address system. Like if I worked at "XYZ corporation" my e-mail would be "Megan@xyzcorp" or something, you know?
These people are "".

::cough::anyway E-mail prejudice aside, they claim to want to pay me $50,000 a year to be an "account funds Manager"
::snort:: yeah because I SO have financial experience... yes I did work at a place with "financial" in the name, but I was an Office Manager/ Receptionist. I had NOTHING to do with ANYONES money. XD
And as we all know I'm so good with money anyway ::rolls eyes::
Exhibit A) Impulse bought a Cockatiel.
Exhibit B) Impulse bought a CAT.
Yeah I should totally be in charge of other peoples money, they'd be like "Should I buy a swimming pool full of champeign?" and I'd be like "Ooo! So Effervecent! 8D"

So in short... unless someone I trust convinces me otherwise. Nuts to you fake company, I will not be quitting my job for your crazy pipedreams.
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