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They say that kid, he's got soul.

My Gosh, when Japanese Ramen bowls have a spicy label on them they are not fucking around let me tell you. I bought a "Spicy Langosta" flavored ramen and it is certainly as advertised, my mouth is screaming.

I have decided to make a concious effort to blog more as my love for twitter has destroyed my blogging ability totally. I'm all "I don't need to formulate a post! I can just blurt out anything I'm thinking immediately on Twitter! :D"


Chuck season finale was awesome, I hope it comes back for another season because if it gets cancelled where it stands I'm going to be pissed.

Heroes season finale was... very WTF-SYLAR?! D:< and the show continues to anger me with it's complete disreguard for tried and true methods. I'll try not to say too much in the intrest of spoilers... but SERIOUSLY??? Did we forget the whole Noah got shot in the brain and died but Claires blood brought him back to life thing from last season??? Could we not have used that on the slit throat victem??? And who thinks that Mrs. Petrelli had a good plan there... seriously. Raise your hands... Thats what I thought. IT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Also, WTF Hiro... WTF.
::cough:: anyway. Thank you Heroes writers for totally working me into a rage spiral XD

Castle was good. It wasnt mind-blowingly great but it was funny.

New Mentalist tonight! ::joygasm::

I saw a couple movies this last weekend

17 Again - AWESOME, I totally want to see it again :D I have much love for Zach Efron now.

The Talented Mr Ripley - Uh... not sure. Kind of liked it because it showed Matt Damon's awesome range as an actor. But what a totally creepy movie, I have never felt so uncomfortable watching a movie before XD

The Holiday - Fluff, not particularly memoriable. I don't like Cameron Diaz but I got to see Jude law so Yay ^.^

Role Models - FUNNY, alot funnier than I thought it would be ^^

Aaaaaand my lunch is over... XD
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