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I think I got Spam Bot-ed on Livejournal XD
I was looking through my profile and updating stuff and I was like "Oh hey! I havent seen this person before..." so I looked at their profile and it was like "I make 6000 a month out of my home after I gave 6$ to Google Mail CHain!"


Yesterday I cooked what may have been the largest Asparagus ON EARTH. They were like a foot long and an inch in Diameter... either they're REALLY in season right now or that farmer lives in the Giant world from Super Mario 3.
For real, I could have beat a man to death with them.

So I was kind of satisfied with the Finale, I mean story-wise it made me happy... and I'm glad little Sammy realizes what a dick he's been this last season. But I was still all "Aww... Aww... they have to fight LUCIFER now?"
I was also amused by the symmetry of the episode names. The first one of the season was "Lazarus Rising" and the last was "Lucifer Rising".

I'm having a hard time being coherent so I'll use bullet points.

- Ruby... you're a bitch. I hate you so hard.
- I was so confused at the beginning of the episode because I fast forwarded a little too far and missed that the preist thing was in the past so I was all "WTF?? AZAZEL???".
- I love so much that Sam and Dean went back to the Dynamic Duo I missed for like 10 seconds when Sam grabbed Ruby so Dean could stab him.
- Bobby, oh Bobby... you rock my socks. I will love Bobby forever, and Papa Winchester, sure you were an good guy but you really do deserve everything Bobby said about you in this episode.
- Castiel, I love you, I'm so glad you didn't let me down. It makes me sad that you're probebly the deadest guy in deadsville right now.
- Zachariah... not a fan.

It also Amuses me that the last time Abby, Kristy and I were talking about SPN we were like "Aww... I bet Lillith is the final seal..." But we had initially thought that Dean's "Part to play" was to get killed so Sam would go over the edge and break Lillith.
Unfortunately however it looks like Sammy doesn't need such severe coersion to be a total d-hole.
I guess it shows how much he loves his brother tho, that he's like "Oh noes! Dean disapproves! I'ma SO be ebil now!"

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