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Let me clarify...

I seem to have given off the impression that I hate Adam Lambert... which is untrue.
I just really am not a fan of the singing style he's putting out there, he's just a little much with the looks, and the screaming...
I mean I do think he's kind of adoreable when he's not singing, especially when he's wearing his little knit cap and his emo-hair is out of his eyes.
He has a good voice but I think I would like him more if he didn't insist on making the painful scream-ey faces when he sings... he looks like an anime character being tortured when he goes for the "big glam rock" notes, and by that I mean his mouth is like twice the size of his face when he does them. In fact, I (not being a fan of the whole glam rock 70's hair band scene) rather wish he would cut out about 90% of the screamy rock notes from every song he sings. I mean I totally dug the cover of Mad World he did, because he kept it on the downlow, he didn't go all crazy with it.
I won't lie... I did hate Ring of Fire.
That's probebly one of my least favorite Johnny Cash songs because it was so overplayed on the radio on old 102.1 but I still hated it.
But all in all he seems like a really nice, cute kid. He just has a stage presence of about a 15 on a 1-10 scale and he needs to scale it back a bit... to like an 8... maybe a 9.
Also I don't like what they did to his hair, cutting it all short except for the bangs on one side of his face. Poor move A.I. it looked better the way he had it before.

Basically if he controlled the drama singing a little I would probebly have loved him.
Still, I almost wish he had won because Kris was just so far to the opposite end of the spectrum. He had a good voice but where Adam had that 15 in presence Kris had like... a 2.
He just seemed to have no dicenrable personality to me.

Meh, either way I think Gokey should have won XD

okay I'm done with American Idol Ranting now XD sorry... I just thought I should explain when like 4 different people asked me why I hated him... I was all "I don't... I just don't like watching him perform so much..."
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