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Song Shuffle memegen

Put your Ipod on Shuffle and pick the first line of each song for 20 songs... then use the 21st song as your title

edit: Sweet Jesus... I honest to god am in a good mood XD apperrently my iPod is depressed however because this is just rediculous... It chose all Imogen Heap, Postal Service, Moby, Coldplay, Lifehouse... sad songs O_o;;; ON SHUFFLE!

I'm coming apart at the seams

Bones, sinking like stones
Ooh, Lordey my trouble's so hard
I am alone, surrounded by the color blue
I've got a cupboard with loads of food, empty bottles, and pictures of you
In my dreams I'm dying all the time

Just build yourself up, and tear yourself down
If shame had a face I think it would probebly look like mine
Here, my honey's come back
Lines to the skin, that have seen neither sun nor sin
Well, you've done, done me... and you bet I felt it

Here's the day you hoped would never come
So little time, so little time... I'm so frustrated
I was waiting for a cross-town train in the london underground, when it struck me
Why does my heart feel so bad?
We're gonna rock y'all, non-stop yo, to the beat now

Sun's been gone for days
Been a long and dark December, from the rooftops I remember there was snow
I'm gonna find my baby, before that sun goes down
Will Someone please call a surgeon, who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart?
I'm not saying it's your fault, although you could have done more

I came along, I wrote a song for you
Here we are in the pouring rain
Here's the thing, we started out friends
I used to rule the world
Oh Brother, I can't,... I can't get through

OH MY GOD XD It sounds so EMO.
Apperrently my iPod is depressed XD

Remind me to use my kicky little iPod nano next time... my iPod touch appears to be heartbroken and dispondant XD
Tags: memegen

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