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My Stories (lol)

Season Premiers!

Ironic that this chapter is called “Redemption” as it seems to be bringing back some of the redeeming qualities of the series itself. I have got to say I’m really digging some of the new characters… Like T-Bag! Dude! T-Bag is in Heroes!!! God I love that guy, the actor is a freaking chameleon. I’m really loving “Nathan” Petrelli so far this season, the whole “hahaha I must be tired, I couldn’t have moved that cup with my mind-WTF-LIGHTNING?!?” made me laugh really hard. Phantom Sylar in Parkman’s head is interesting, and also gives me the lulz because honestly I never liked Parkman anyway. Hiro has… a brain tumor or something… but that doesn’t really bother me too much because he’s getting a little too cartoonish for my tastes. I would like to see Hiro become more like Future Hiro and less “*^.^*”.
Claire – Meh…
Peter – WTF! Call your brother he’s wigging out! I hate it when Peter goes into these little emo douchebag fits. It seems like he has one every season and a half or so. I mean really! It’s not like Peter knows, as far as I know only Mrs Petrelli, Parkman, and Mr. Bennett know.
NOAH! – Who doesn’t love Mr. Bennett, I mean really. He’s like the everyman’s James Bond, with Horn-rimmed Glasses.
Tracy Strauss – Aww I like Ali Larder again. I was afraid I would grow to hate this character like I did Nikki/Jessica but I really like T.S.
Ando - <3

HILARIOUS. I love Nathan Fillion, I really do, and the sad kicked puppy look he was giving Beckitt for being mad at him was adoreable. I can’t wait for the rest of this season. ^__^
Although admittedly I’m reaching a Patrick Jane/Theresa Lisbon level of “OH WOULD YOU JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY” with them and it’s only the first episode of the second season.
My mom was laughing because I was full flail gesturing and yelling “HUG HIM! He’s so sad! WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE HUG HIM?”
Beckitt: “Castle… See you tomorrow…”
Castle: ::hopeful face!::
Me: “::sigh:: I guess that’s okay…”

I’m only about half way through the episode because I was watching it before work, but I really like it. It’s interesting to see house out of his element. Also Thirteen was grating on me a little bit so it’s nice to take a break from Thirteen and Forman’s hour of woe and dis-function.

As always, I love Psych. The premier was a few weeks ago and had Cary Elwes in it so it was an automatic :D in my book. I really like that they’ve kind of accepted Lassiter as a friend now and they are generally ready to drop everything to help him. Shaun and Juliette need to get together tho, semi-invisible girlfriend isn’t doing it for me.

Glee is, the best freaking show. I literally laugh out loud and frequently get the motts every episode. Also everyone who knows me knows I’m a total whore for musicals, and that’s basically what this show is. One giant, awesome, segmented musical. The humor and characters remind me a little bit of Pushing Daisies.


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Sep. 27th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
Speaking of Pushing Daisies, Kristin Chenoweth is guest starring on Glee next week. She has an amazing voice. She's also Galinda from Wicked.
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