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Assassins Creed 2

Thank god for 5 day rentals ^_^
When I returned L4D2 on Friday I ended up stumbling on Assassins Creed 2 (which I didn’t even know was out yet). So much love… seriously… as of last night I am in Venice during the Carnivale (After the Doce’s assassination) if that gives you any idea of how far I have gotten in a few days.
The carriage chase and DaVinci’s flying machine were… unexpected… but generally cool.
I suck at the flying machine by the way, the instant Ezio got into it I immediately nose-dived into a chimney and was desynchronized, lol. I almost feel bad for Desmond, it can’t be healthy for him as many times as I manage to accidently jump off a roof to my death in this game.
I wont lie, it gets me all kinds of worked up. Thomas was laughing at me because I’m always all “No… NO… NOOOOO AHH I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING GODDAMIT STOP CHASING MEEEEEE!” while I’m playing.
Also I swear… a lot. Especially when I mean to assassinate one person and I accidently leap onto another, although that does happen noticeably less with Ezio as it did with Althair. Good on you Ubisoft.
I positively adore the new controls, and the new blending system. Also the fact that you can loot your targets is a plus, even if the cheap bastards only carry like 4 florins a piece. I can’t complain about money however, my Villa generates “the mad cash” so I usually am not terribly strapped for money. Over all the game is more smooth and polished than the first one, and also Ezio has a sense of humor so he’s already a head and shoulders above Althair to me. (PS I think it’s hilarious that now that Desmond is Synching with Ezio instead of Althair he’s all “Hey Lucy…” ::Fonzie Fingers:: ;-D)
Leonardo DaVinci is adorable. Just saying.
I get all excited when I find a codex because then I get to go visit him, and he’s always so excited to see Ezio. Every time! He always runs up and hugs you and says how worried about you he was. He’s all “Oh my god! You’re alive!!! Ah! It’s so good to see you!”

I was actually really proud of myself for remembering a random piece of art history while I was playing. I had a codex and I opened my map so I could plot a route to DaVinci’s workshop in Florence to have it decoded… but it wasn’t listed anymore on my map. I was like “…wtf?” so I eventually found it on my own but the door wasn’t glowing like it normally would, then I thought about it for a second and was like “…Wait… what year is it? 1480? Shit, he’s in Venice right now isn’t he?” Then I walked a little closer to the door and a courier was all “Oh Messer Ezio, He’s left for Venice…”
Woo! I can remember things I learned about art history in college, take that brain!
Sorry, got all excited that I actually knew something about renaissance Italy.
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