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TV Update...

I'm so happy all of my shows are coming back...

Chuck: Hilarious as usual, but what I really mean to say is OH MY GOD SUPERMAN! I really fan-girled when I saw him, no lie. (I am referring to Agent Shaw who is the actor who played Clark Kent / Superman in the Superman Returns movie)

Heroes: Okay… so Claire is evidently a Lesbian now? I mean that’s all fine and good but with Gretchen? Really? Seriously, Claire is waaay out of her league. I mean Gretchen isn’t bad looking, but she is decidedly average when you take the characters personality into account. I would be like me trying to get with Portia DiRossi, I mean come on. I’m not a bad looking lady, but I’m certainly no Ellen.
Awkward Lesbian relationship aside, I LOVED Sylar in this episode, and was very proud of myself for recognizing that he was posing as Gretchen right away.
I also achieved epic nerd win during this episode. Hiro started saying “I found myself trapped in the past, leaping from life to life…” and I busted out “Facing mirror images that were not my own, and hoping each time that the next leap… will be the leap home…” before Adam objected that Hiro was quoting the opening to Quantum Leap.
That’s right, who was a Quantum Leap nerd? This chick.
(I like that I say “was” like I don’t have Quantum Leap DVD Box Sets on my shelf at home…)

Castle: EPIC. Not epic funny, but epic story line advancement awesomeness. I continue to love Nathan Fillion more and more with each episode.

House: …wtf DVR… House better have not been new or you neglected to tape it for no reason.
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