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Does it make you happy? You're so strange...

So Evanrude was insane last night, like straight up lost his tiny kitty mind.
He hasn't acted this way since he was a kitten, seriously. He was on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed, attacking the chair, hiding under the bed, launching across the room, shanking in the kidney insane. Thomas was laughing because he could tell when Evan had attached himself to my head by my squealing proclimation of "What the hell, dude? Seriously!"
At one point he had me verging on full on paranoia because I had heard him burst into the room but when I turned around I couldn't see him anywhere...
...then I realized that a Kimono was on my floor... and that this Kimono had grown huge lamp like eyes in one of the sleeves, and was slowly moving closer to my computer chair making a noise that I could only describe as "MURRmurrmurrMURRRmurr..."
A bit suspicious I feel, so I threw a jingly ball at it and it ran from the room in a fit of joy to give chase.
What even.

Also, I think my car's cd player is dying necause a CD that I JUST BURNED YESTERDAY is skipping like I'm driving on the roads from Children of Men (which, to be fair, is semi accurate given the state of TT and Sunset after the Snowpocalypse 2011)
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