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Tuxedo the Smoking Bomber!

Bah hahaha... oh Darien/Mamoru, how I forgot you even had another attack aside from roses.
...probebly because of the comically absurd name.

I don't know where it came from, but in keeping with my recent bout of anime nostalgia, I suddenly had an intense urge to watch Sailor Moon the other day. Sadly I do not own any of it on DVD, I used to have it on VHS, but I no longer have the tapes (or a working player for that matter). I had always meant to watch it again, mainly because I never managed to actually see the unedited japanse versions where people are gay and not cousins or flat chested "women" (poor Zoicite).
Luckilly Dave has the japanese version so he said he would lend it to me for my super nerding our pleasure.
Not even gonna lie, Sailor Moon is a little bit of my early teen-hood (I can't say childhood because I was easily in 8th or 9th grade when it as on the original Toonami) I may geek out a little more than is appropriate XD.
Man, we were heavy into Sailor moon. We had "group notebooks" we would pass back and forth between friends where we had each chosen a scout XD.
It was bad... there may have been a stint in high school where I wore exclusively sparkly aqua colored nail polish (and when I say "may have been", what I really mean is that I also had a matching sparkly aqua lipstick. What's up, Sailor Mercury.)

Yet another reason it does not suprise me that I was heavilly bullied in HS, I see now I was asking for it XD.

Unfortunately Sailor Moon may act as a gateway anime into other things I used to watch in the days of yore, such as Dragon Ball Z (Oh god, Vegeta I still love you.), or the original Pokèmon (you know... when there really were only 150, and singing the Poke-rap was a feasible option)

Fear for me.


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May. 9th, 2011 09:07 pm (UTC)
I love Sailor Moon! I only have season 1 of the Japanese version.

Oh, they are going to be re-releasing the Sailor Moon Manga I think in September. It's not going to be as derpy as the original Manga. For one, they didn't translate Usagi to Bunny. Lol They are also keeping in the Lesbians.
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