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I drew Kisa!!! la la la....
She turned out pretty good...
hmm do we see a pattern of what I'm drawing?
1 Yuki, 2 Rei, 3 Rei + Pyxley, 4 Rei, 5 Kouji, 6 Anri, 7 Pyxley, 8 Bakuura, 9 Yuki, 10 Aiko, 11 Aiko, 12 Aiko and Kouji, 13 Aiko and Kouji, 14 Kid, 15 Momiji, 16 Ferris Beuller, 17 Height chart, 18 Kaliya, 19 Kisa
Aside from Kid and the horrible rendition of Matthew Broderick everything I have drawn is either my own charicter or its from Fruits Basket!
I need to find some nice pictures to draw!
you know... before I go nuts... and fill my book with the Sohma's...
::thinks about it:: you know... that might not be half bad...

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