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::shakes fist at twin brother Amiboshi::
Darn you for sending me that depressing e-mail I'm soooo sad now T-T
Yeah... so I'm crippled now...
wanna know why?
So I decided to decorate the christmas tree today and I'm like la la la hanging the ornaments... Kneel down...
Wow...uh that didn't sound good... Oh I knelt on an ornement... lucky none of the glass got me ^^
::clean clean clean::
Sit down on the couch...ow! what the... my knee really hurts... I must have sat on something... ::shifts position:: OW!! what the fu......aaaaah!!!! bleeding!!!!!
::tries to get to a bandaid while keeping her pants as blood free as she can:: Itaiiiii!!!!

so that was the left knee.... and now the story of the right...
Lalala... going to school... Bye mom and dad! ::wave...walk out the door:: La la la walking to my car... putting my key in the... ::slips on a patch of ice:: HOLY CRAP!!!! Lands on her right knee but somehow manages to not drop her calculator or her cd player::
T^T Itaiiiiii...... Bleeeeeeding again.... ::hobbles back into the house to get a bandaid only to find we don't have any big enough::
limping slowly back to my car... going to grocery store... buying more bandaids T^T

Poor me...
so yeah... that was how I managed to beat the crap out of myself today...

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