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"Everythings going so well!''

Hee... SO yeah I'm better now... XD
I cant really remember the 3 things I was going to write in here last night... I think one of them related to Hiro Yuuki's terrible terrible shorts...
Another one had something to do with Vegeta...
and the third I think had something to do with Yohji but I'm not sure... Damn my memory to hell...
Wow I had an odd dream last night... I was like... very strange...
I seem to remember haveing to pull my fellow pick n save workers out of Hay bales that they had been sucked into, and sweeping tons and tons of cornmeal off of the floor in the back... and I'm using tons in the mesuring sense... there were literally tons. I also remember moutainbiking home and almost getting hit by a car and then me and me friends started riding after him like very small cyclist road ragers and throwing rocks. He stopped and we exchanged insurence cards (?) and he left and I was calling him a jerk and saying that I hated him but really he was dead sexy and it was hard for me to be mad when he was apologising. Then later I found out he was a multi millionare and was "OMG"
And he caled later and I made my roomate answer it (who was apperently Will from Will and Grace) and he told me that the guy was wondering if I was alright and did I want to go out and meet him at a resturant and I said yes but I also made "will" come. so then the next day we went out to meet him and my hair was long like to my chin layered kind of bob but not too short... but it was jelled all spikey (much like Miki's hair in the dvd I had just seen before I fell asleep and had this dream) and I was dressed very... well cool... If I knew where to buy clothes like the ones I was wearing in my dream I would wear them. So I was being al shy and defensive and semi grouchy and he was apoligising and being nice and I can't really remember much else about it.
Odd nei?
I thought so.

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