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I need to finish these damn fan fictions and get them out on my website >_o

Oy... I just did a crap load of updating on the site... and yes that does float my boat thank you very much XD
I have turned my Kenshin Song list into a Song list with Hyperlinks to LYRICS!
::gasp?:: lo and behold!
::holds hand up:: please don't applaude yet! I also got the image gallery up to the page that feeds my vanity! Yes thats right! Hakkai-san's page of herself! Where I post the pictures I have drawn of myself over time in anime style... or at least the ones I like enought to post ^^;

::bows:: you may praise me now...
::listens to the cricket chirping::
XD Yeah I know... I'm a little odd in the morning but... yeah... it's the morning... what do you expect?
Hoo... so that would bring me to my anual badgering of the other Otaku's to WRITE SOME FREAKING ANIME REVIEWS ALREADY!
T-T the artistic trauma I go through... let me tell you...
oh woe is the web site creator...
woe... woe indeed...

So next on the list is:
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Magic Knight Rayearth
and last but certainly not least... Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon!

so expect those to be up not too far off (you know... for you people who actually look at me website XD ^_~)


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