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Okay... so Illuminati...

Apperently I just like to... every once in a while... scare the hell out of myself and watch Illuminat because I think it can't possibly be as scary as I remember it being.
I did however watch the live version and almost snorted myself off of the chair...
Gackt was humping a speaker box...
really really hard...
He almost fell off of it...
I typed into an IM "oooh... careful Gackt... or you'll end up with sexy little speaker babies..."
I got a bit\g WTF from that... let me tell you XD

oh thats how my night went XD

I was going to update the website some but really I'm just a severe lazy ass and if I haven't dont it by now I don't hold any hope I'll do it before I go to bed XD

sigh... tommorrow I have to go to school and copy my schedual so I can knock 75$ off my ticket price (yay!)

Damn I'm hungery... O_o;

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