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I know I've been quiet XD blame Warcraft ^__^

I just have to say, "Being Human" is an awesome series and I rather love it.
If you get BBC America I highly reccomend checking it out as it is hilarious and only 6 episodes long so far so really what have you got to lose?

From an Episode I watched this morning:
::George and Anna just defeated a Vampire::
George(warewolf): "That was terrible! We were like the worlds gayest ninjas..."
Anna(ghost): "That was my first fight... I think that was my first fight... I'm going to be sick."
Geroge: "You can't be sick, you're a ghost."
Anna: "Speaking of, I hit him with a chair, you just hit him with your stupid little fist! What was that!?"

Seriously... Hilarious.

Also the guy who plays Mitchell is like... totally super cute.
Adoreable Irish guy cute.
Otaku thing

The posting... I has it...

Augh, I have the hiccups, and they are painful x_x
…not to mention loud and semi-embarrassing in a quiet office XD

The past week!
-Got some good face time with David and Kristy, was very cool! I am still in awe of everything Kristy cooks as it is clearly awesome. I am going to have to scour the cookbooks to see if I can make something equally as enjoyable `cause it’s my turn to cook 8D ::evil plotting:: Muah ha ha ha….

-I bought Ev a new toy which turned out to be cat nip toy… which I didn’t know. So for a little while I could not figure out why he was acting so retarded. I was just staring at him like O_o;;; “Um?” then I went back and read the package like “…oooooh. Okay well that explains it…”
P.S. He is freaking ridiculous on the “kitty cocaine”. Ridiculous I tell you.

-Thanks to David I discovered the giantgayrepellantumbrella website and it is HILARIOUS. Apparently N.O.M. released a commercial bashing same-sex marriage, so a group of actors like Sarah Chalke, Lance Bass, and George Takei did a parody of it (that nearly made me snort Dr. Pepper out of my nose) and from that parody came the website. “Paid for by God and doctors” XD

-Brian and Nicole were randomly in Wisconsin all of the sudden so I got to hang out with them for a little while :D Hopefully I’ll get to see them again before they drive back to Georgia.

-Saturday was JoCats :D I didn’t end up going to Pridefest again (minor pout) but we did go out to a bar which was 99% an awesome time :D
David, Abby, Megan, Trevor and I ended up heading out there around 10, I really do like that bar (It’s technically a pub I think) its small but it has mostly good music, although they did play Redneck Woman much to my dismay.
Drink tally was as follows:
3 X-Rated and Sprite’s (2 short 1 tall)
Shot: Goldschlager
Shot: Dambuka (sp?)
Shot: 3 Wisemen
Shot: Liquid Cocaine
And something that I swear David said was Sherry.
And I wasn’t even drunk XD apparently I’m a freaking sailor when it comes to drinking.
But don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not challenging anyone because honestly I think it would be easy to drink me under the table, I just am surprised at my tolerance level for someone who doesn’t drink a lot XD
Actually what surprised me the most was the 3 Wisemen. At first Megan wouldn’t tell me what it was because she was afraid I wouldn’t drink it if I knew XD but I’ll pretty much try anything, it’s just a matter of how much whining will be involved if it’s something I don’t like, I.E. Jagermeister. But I kept pestering her because I thought it kind of smelled like Sake or Soju but it was brown. She eventually told me what it was and I was like “Wait… isn’t that Jack, Cuervo, And Jim Beam?”
I always assumed that Whisky and Tequila must taste horrible, I don’t know why. But honestly it just tasted like that semi-bitter grain liquor taste that Sake has… I actually kind of liked it, lol.
So mostly it was an awesome night of dancing/drinking sans butt slapping creeper at the second bar we went to. Poor Abby and Trevor. ;__; (and to a lesser extent David, but he only got slapped once)
Trevor by the way is adorable, and I kind of love him XD He’s just so hyper and hilarious…

-Warcraft front:
Fae hit 53 the other day and is about a ¼ the way to 54.
Oh, Death Knight… I’m so close to having you and actually being able to legitimize my purchase of WotLK last winter… So clooooose….
I was actually thinking of having Fae drop 100g or so on Ren to twink her out for better leveling because of murmurs that none of us are a healing class with the exception of Manny, and Ko can only be in so many places at once XD
Also when Baelgren actually gets rolled on Moonguard I’m thinking of specing frost because Jen’s Blood-Spec and Tammy and Thomas are Unholy-Spec so a Frost-Spec would round out the group nicely should we decide to rain down doom together.
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Song Shuffle memegen

Put your Ipod on Shuffle and pick the first line of each song for 20 songs... then use the 21st song as your title

edit: Sweet Jesus... I honest to god am in a good mood XD apperrently my iPod is depressed however because this is just rediculous... It chose all Imogen Heap, Postal Service, Moby, Coldplay, Lifehouse... sad songs O_o;;; ON SHUFFLE!
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OH MY GOD XD It sounds so EMO.
Apperrently my iPod is depressed XD

Remind me to use my kicky little iPod nano next time... my iPod touch appears to be heartbroken and dispondant XD
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Let me clarify...

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okay I'm done with American Idol Ranting now XD sorry... I just thought I should explain when like 4 different people asked me why I hated him... I was all "I don't... I just don't like watching him perform so much..."
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I think I got Spam Bot-ed on Livejournal XD
I was looking through my profile and updating stuff and I was like "Oh hey! I havent seen this person before..." so I looked at their profile and it was like "I make 6000 a month out of my home after I gave 6$ to Google Mail CHain!"


Yesterday I cooked what may have been the largest Asparagus ON EARTH. They were like a foot long and an inch in Diameter... either they're REALLY in season right now or that farmer lives in the Giant world from Super Mario 3.
For real, I could have beat a man to death with them.

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They say that kid, he's got soul.

My Gosh, when Japanese Ramen bowls have a spicy label on them they are not fucking around let me tell you. I bought a "Spicy Langosta" flavored ramen and it is certainly as advertised, my mouth is screaming.

I have decided to make a concious effort to blog more as my love for twitter has destroyed my blogging ability totally. I'm all "I don't need to formulate a post! I can just blurt out anything I'm thinking immediately on Twitter! :D"


Chuck season finale was awesome, I hope it comes back for another season because if it gets cancelled where it stands I'm going to be pissed.

Heroes season finale was... very WTF-SYLAR?! D:< and the show continues to anger me with it's complete disreguard for tried and true methods. I'll try not to say too much in the intrest of spoilers... but SERIOUSLY???Collapse ) thing from last season??? Could we not have used that on the slit throat victem??? And who thinks that Mrs. Petrelli had a good plan there... seriously. Raise your hands... Thats what I thought. IT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Also, WTF Hiro... WTF.
::cough:: anyway. Thank you Heroes writers for totally working me into a rage spiral XD

Castle was good. It wasnt mind-blowingly great but it was funny.

New Mentalist tonight! ::joygasm::

I saw a couple movies this last weekend

17 Again - AWESOME, I totally want to see it again :D I have much love for Zach Efron now.

The Talented Mr Ripley - Uh... not sure. Kind of liked it because it showed Matt Damon's awesome range as an actor. But what a totally creepy movie, I have never felt so uncomfortable watching a movie before XD

The Holiday - Fluff, not particularly memoriable. I don't like Cameron Diaz but I got to see Jude law so Yay ^.^

Role Models - FUNNY, alot funnier than I thought it would be ^^

Aaaaaand my lunch is over... XD
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I just have to say one thing about last nights episode...
...well two things...

1) Castiel is the MAN 8D He made me so damn happy.
2) I love that they addressed "Win-cest fic" in the episode XD

Ah Supernatural... you're winning me back more and more. I've been a little meh about Sam's questionable taste in this season. But darn, it writers... you pulled me back in.

...The gospel of chuck... lol