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LOLrus... for reals fake company... fo` reals...

So I keep getting e-mails from this really shady sounding company out of Sweden or Switzerland or something... I think I've gotten 7 so far... for "Great Job Oppertunity in America!! 8D 8D 8D".
They have supposedly gotten my resume from Careerbuilder.com, which is news to me because I don't think I have ever actually been to careerbuilder.com but you know... whatever.

They're like, practically begging me to respond... initially I dismissed this as spam right off the bat because I don't especially trust any company that dosen't have their own "@" email address system. Like if I worked at "XYZ corporation" my e-mail would be "Megan@xyzcorp" or something, you know?
These people are "obscurename@hotmail.com".

::cough::anyway E-mail prejudice aside, they claim to want to pay me $50,000 a year to be an "account funds Manager"
::snort:: yeah because I SO have financial experience... yes I did work at a place with "financial" in the name, but I was an Office Manager/ Receptionist. I had NOTHING to do with ANYONES money. XD
And as we all know I'm so good with money anyway ::rolls eyes::
Exhibit A) Impulse bought a Cockatiel.
Exhibit B) Impulse bought a CAT.
Yeah I should totally be in charge of other peoples money, they'd be like "Should I buy a swimming pool full of champeign?" and I'd be like "Ooo! So Effervecent! 8D"

So in short... unless someone I trust convinces me otherwise. Nuts to you fake company, I will not be quitting my job for your crazy pipedreams.
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Mmm Charros I love you...

So Despite it being listed in Urbanspoon as a Mexican Resturant I am being told that Charros is actually cuban food.
If so I have one thing to say.

Cuban food is fucking delicious.

I love plantains so I'm easy to please if a dish includes them XD Last time I was there I got the Ropas Vieja (Spelling... I has it not...) which was basically Cuban style pulled pork with 4 cheeses over plantains, this time I got what Katie tells me is a Cuban take on the chimichanga.
Whatever it was, it was fucking delish.

...and Abby got a Burrito the size of all humanity.
No kidding... this burrito had to be at least a foot long and probebly 4-6 inches in diameter stuffed to exposive capacity.

I DVR'd The Mentalist (and watched it) and I have to say... although this wasn't my favorite episode (which could have been because Lila from Dexter was in it and I hate her) Jane and Lisbon's "Trust issues" talk was EPIC.
For reals Thomas... it's not everything we could have ever hoped in reguards to a budding relationship between them... but it comes close, it comes close.
I squee'd a little, not gonna lie.

Also, bought a little 3 foot tall bookshelf for the art supplies and tossed the coffee table in-between the couches, where a coffee table should be. The room looks MUCH larger now, which is funny given that there is actually *more* furniture in it than before. Perhaps it's more Feng Shui now or something.
Evanrude loves that damn coffee table. For real.
Otaku thing

::Shakes fist:: Listen not to the haters!

I don't care what anyone says I loved Watchmen ^__^
I went to the midnight premier and then I saw it again last night with Nick.
And I will probebly see it again this weekend with Thomas, Mandy and Dave XD

I forced Quazo and Mikaela to make me Watchmen buttons with their button maker XD
(and by forced I mean begged like a little girl)

I love Rorschek, I love Rorschek good...
I love Rorschek enough to want to go out and buy a coat and hat like his so that I may some day Cosplay as Rorschek.
No joke. I'm a dirty fandom whore for the Watchmen.
After watching it again the Comedian even grew on me. I mean, in all fairness he had some redeeming qualities... not nearly enough to offset the ::ahem:: shall we call them "dark spots" on his record. But still... some were there. He was only 95% dick-hole instead of 100%.

It was kind of funny tho, after the first time I saw it I wasn't sure how much I liked it... but the more I thought about it the more I figured things out and the more it grew on me. SO the second viewing was AWESOME.

I just want to point out something I didn't notice the first time I watched. The Muzak playing in the background in Ozmandias' company by the elevators was "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".
I almost died when I realized XD

I do need to buy the sound track when it comes out. ::nods::

Mmmm Croquette sandwich... I loves you so gooood.... ::nom::

Edit: Oh yeah... also, in the second viewing they guy behind us said something that made me lol severely. During Rorschek's flashback the guy sitting behind us was like "Oooookaaaay... He's about a 10 on the bat-shit crazy meter..."
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So I went to see "Milk" last night with David and Abby.
That. Is a good movie.
I liked it alot (I also cried a lot XD) I think it was well written and fantasticly acted, and not just by the actors I recognized. I totally ended up loving their Lesbien Campeign Manager and the guy who played Cleve... and well basically his entire campeign team XD
And James Franco and Sean Penn of course.
How freaking adoreable were they together?
Pretty goddamn adoreable, let me tell you.
Which brings me to a good point, DO NOT go see this movie if you have an aversion to seing Sean Penn and James Franco have a ton of sex... or if you have an aversion to seeing gay sex at all for that matter. There was this woman to the right of David who was all "Eugh... Gross! Oh god guys tell me when it's over..."
...You know, what the hell movie did you think you were going to see? Did you not read the synopsis? Did you just not know who Harvey Milk was?
Here's a hint, when you go to see a movie about a Gay rights activist... THERE MIGHT BE GAYS IN IT.

Edit:I take it back after thinking about it... even if you are Gay squemish you should see it anyway because it's a great movie about a fantastic man. Just keep the peanut gallerey comments to yourself.

::cough:: anyway ¬_¬
So, Movie was fantastic, and even though I knew he was going to get assassinated (because... well... he did) I was still like "AH! Don't get on that stage! Don't go in that room alone!" Like somehow he was going to hear me 30 years ago through the magic movie time portal XD
Great Movie. No shit. I'm glad it wont tons at the Oscars ^__^

On a different note, wtf Wisconsin!
There was a 1/2 inch solid layer of Ice on my car this morning... Not frost mind you, Ice.
It took me like 20 minutes to chip a little 2 ft square hole in the windshield so I could see out to drive. It was so nice yesterday yoo >:[
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Ah hahaha... ::fails at project management::

SO ask me how far I have gotten into my J.W.J redux?
... 5 Pages XD

Oh I am so made of fail... I keep meaning to work on it but then I get distracted and do things like have a Superhero Movie Marathon (Damn you FX for showing Daredevil, Spiderman 2, and Superman Returns all in a row!) or draw strange rainbow pictures of myself ::points at Icon and below::

Collapse )

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In other "things that distract me from succumbing to intense Supernatural fandom" news...
Faelar hit LVL 40, he now is the proud owner of a black STV Gorilla named Kubrick. Kubrick is a sweet Gorilla... he likes to hand out lollipops to all the little alliance out there... unfortunately he's run fresh out of lolli's so he's been handing out severe beatdowns instead 8D.
Mmmm... Doling out the harshness.
He also is the proud owner of a blue drop pole-arm that does the same amount of damage as his Axe did... only faster! He can wear Mail, has aspect of the pack, and is generally draped in badassery. I was solidly pwning STV last night :D

AHHAHA Oh John Winchester... I love you...

I Lul'd

April 19th, 1991:
The hunting trip was nearly a disaster. Dean missed his shot. I sent him after the buck, a beautiful twelve-pointer, and he dropped the gun when he tripped on the trail. Then out of nowhere comes Sammy, who pickes up the gun and lays that big boy out.
A seven year old... well, almost eight.
Then he tells me that he thought the deer had taken Dean's gun, and that Sammy had to protect him.
It's the moments like those that kill me. I taught him that, Dean too. I taught them that everything should be seen as a threat. And now Sammy sees a deer and thinks it's trying to hurt his brother.

I totally love this book...
...Just an FYI...

The best part of that journal entry was that in the previous entry John had left Sammy with Bobby so he could have some male bonding time with 13 year old Dean... So Sam got out of the house when Bobby's back was turned and hitchhiked/tracked them down because he wanted to come too, hence the "out of nowhere came Sammy" XD
At Seven XD

<3 Supernatural